I am Amer Sweidan, a photographer based between Amman, Jordan and Doha, Qatar.

As a photographer, I believe it is important to face each project with a sense of playfulness. Whether I am photographing people, products, or architecture/interior, I want to be sure that everyone involved is at their most comfortable. For me, photography is a journey I undertake through the viewfinder and I want my clients to enjoy that experience as much as I do.

My experience with managing, directing, producing and editing shoots for print, online and digital media is broad. I have worked extensively in portraiture, commercial, advertorial and documentary photography. My work has been published in several local, international, and digital publications and has been featured in covers, editorials, interviews, features, fashion as well as commercial ads. I worked as Head Photographer at VIVMAG Magazine, a fashion and lifestyle magazine, and Trendesign Magazine, an architecture, interior and decor magazine.

Photography Exhibitions:

¬ "Art for Gaza" Exhibition | Amman, Jordan: Stemming from the belief that art can make a change, my role in this exhibition has been twofold. In addition to organizing the exhibition by local photographers, artists and designers, I was also one of the participating artists.
¬ The Story of The Creative Photography Exhibition | New York, USA
¬ Dogay 2010 Nature Shootout Photography Exhibition | Amman, Jordan
¬ The Jordanian Cultural Week Photography Exhibition | Vienna, Austria
¬ Women’s Day Photography Exhibition | Amman, Jordan
¬ Without Barriers Photography Exhibition and Contest | Amman, Jordan